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How it works
ICP Funds is an evergreen private equity real estate fund that pools investors’ funds into its growing portfolio of industrial, flex, and suburban corporate offices in markets throughout the US. We only acquire properties with high WALTs (weighted average lease terms) and credit tenants like Boeing, Labcorp, Amazon, and more than 39 other publicly listed companies.
Why would I invest in ICP Funds instead of buying and managing properties myself?
ICP Funds has spent 7 years developing a team of leaders and partners that are able to source and acquire properties that fit within a very specific set of criteria. This criteria is designed to ensure reduced property value volatility paired with long average lease terms held by credit tenants. The result is a low risk portfolio of consistent income-producing properties, which are managed by a talented team of property managers.

Many of our investors think of ICP Funds more as a fixed-income investment rather than a speculative real estate investment, requiring no time, expertise or stress.
Do you raise money on a deal-by-deal basis?
No. ICP Funds is an evergreen fund that pools all investments across the entire portfolio of properties. This allows our investors to diversify their investment across multiple areas of the US, and across multiple property types including industrial, flex, and suburban corporate office.
What does Evergreen Fund mean?
Evergreen refers to a fund with an open-ended structure that allows investors to invest or divest throughout the life of the fund. As an evergreen fund has no termination date, and isn’t based on one single real estate investment, you can benefit from being part of a larger portfolio of properties, and not be tied to a specific required investment period.

This also means that we do not have to sell a property at a specific point in time as you do with other real estate investment vehicles, which means we can sell only when the market conditions are ideal. This means we are able to maximize IRR while continuing to provide consistent quarterly distributions.
What if I want to sell?
You can sell with minimal notice at any time after an initial period of 2 years.

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Generally, before making an investment decision with respect to ICP Funds II, S.A.P.I. de C.V. and/or ICP Funds IV, LLC. (“ICP Funds”), potential investors are advised to carefully read and review this document and consult with their advisors (if any). ICP Funds I, S.A.P.I. de C.V., a Mexican S.A.P.I. company, serves as the manager of ICP Funds.

This document contains a summary of the targeted real estate properties for acquisition by ICP Funds. Current investors in ICP Funds may determine whether to contribute additional capital for the purpose of funding ICP Funds’ acquisition of the properties described here in. The information herein may change as the closing date approaches, becoming outdated, different, or subject to change due to macroeconomic or other external factors beyond the Manager’s control. The properties described herein are examples of the types of properties targeted for investment by ICP Funds. There is no guarantee that ICP Funds will be able to acquire any or all of the properties described herein.

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